Friday, August 5, 2011

Quick Weekend Reader on Childhood Obesity & Health

Is It Better to Provide Health Food or to Eliminate Junk Food? [GOOD] - GOOD focuses on health, and children's health in particular, very frequently.

Researchers Link Processed Food To Lower IQs In Kids [The Consumerist]

19 Fast Food Chains Say They'll Offer Healthier Kids' Meals [The Consumerist] - The Consumerist also covers a lot of public health and related food issues, and is worth following if you're interested in this topic.

The Organ Wise Guys - This is a great source of content and resources for teaching young children about health.  Using animation and clever characters, it's engaging and easy for kids to pick up.  I passed along review materials sent to me by the company to a friend who was doing health lessons with kindergarten students; she raved about how well it worked and asked for more!  There's even a version for parents to use at home!  Check it out.

300-plus pound student exercised in secret [] - An inspirational story.