Monday, July 11, 2011

New Graphic Novel Explains the Science Behind Life on Earth

It's Alive! The Universe Verse: Book 2 by James Dunbar
Last fall, I wrote about the graphic novel BANG! The Universe Verse: Book 1, which gave teachers a new resource to teach about the origins of the universe, physics and more.  Then, author James Dunbar launched a successful Kickstarter project to make It's Alive! The Universe Verse: Book 2 available for free downloadIt's Alive! is here!

From the author: "It's Alive! The Universe Verse: Book 2 tells the scientifically accurate story of our Earth and how it was that life could have developed here from non-living elements.  It covers the formation of our solar system, Earth's early history, the fundamental principles of evolution and natural selection and the basic structures and systems of life as we know it.  And all of it is wrapped in well-written rhyme and richly detailed illustrations.  Thanks to the generosity of my Kickstarter backers it is available for free as a PDF eBook, and it has been illustrated in full color."

The free downloads will eventually expire, so get them while you can.  If you want to support Dunbar's great work, consider ordering a few hard copies through the link below.

Download free high-res version (80MB)
Download free low-res version (5MB)
Preview online
Purchase the paperback ($15.95)
It's Alive! Press Release

I can't wait to see Book 3, which the author says he'll begin developing soon.  Check out his website for more information.