Friday, July 15, 2011

Seth Godin Ideas Every Educator Should Read

What's high school for? - I think we can teach these concepts within the context of everything else we do (or use them to frame our lessons on less enthralling topics).

That's not the way we do things around here - Take a moment to reflect on how powerful even the most innocuous statement to your students (or children) can be.  They hear (and see) almost everything.

The market is not seduced by logic - Replace "the market" with "your students" and read the post again.

Interpreting criticism - Think about this when someone tells you your new idea to help students won't work (or when the usual naysayers criticize any changes or reforms that come up).

Initiative isn't given, you take it - The key to solving a lot of problems, even if it seems like it you against the world.

For a different perspective, try A few of my favorite Seth Godin Blog posts- part 1 from the blog Against the Wind. Of course, the best place to get this wisdom is from the man himself at Seth Godin's blog.