Thursday, March 18, 2010

'Ten Cheap Lessons' Spring Break Sale: 50% Off Downloads

Half off Ten Cheap Lessons: Second Edition
From now through Sunday, you can download Ten Cheap Lessons: Second Edition for $2.50, 50% off the original price!  Consider it a little thank you to all of the teachers who are convalescing over Spring Break.

Ten Cheap Lessons: Second Edition is a collection of some of my best lessons, projects and games.  While the examples in the book are drawn from my experience teaching math, these activities were chosen because they could easily be adapted for just about any subject area.  Each chapter contains a complete lesson, supporting materials, and ways to adapt and extend the idea for ELA, social studies and science classrooms.  In short, this is not just a math teacher resource book; this is a book of good ideas for any and every middle and high school teacher.

Once Monday rolls around, the price will be back to a (still reasonable) $5, so get it for 50% off while you can.  Please pass this deal along to others as well!  Thank you, as always, for your support!

Download Ten Cheap Lessons: Second Edition