Friday, March 12, 2010

Save Ink, Your Children, Your Sense of Humor and More [Five for Friday]

2 Dead Economists In An Extreme Rap Battle [Consumerist] - Keynes vs. Hayek throw down over their economic theories.  I'm waiting for Alexander Hamilton vs. Thomas Jefferson in a battle of nascent political parties.

Extreme Word Problem Writing [The Number Warrior] - I'm all for new and exciting ways to engage students, but I think word problems can be more effective if they just make more sense and are a bit more relevant.  These extreme questions are certainly interesting if not useless in the classroom, similar to those in the SAT parody book I reviewed recently.

Printliminator Quickly, Easily Makes Any Page Printer Friendly [Lifehacker] - Save on ink, paper and copies with this handy tool.  I've also shared similar resources here.

Stop Overscheduling Your Children! [Wired: GeekDad] - Jenny Williams makes a case for giving your kids time to be kids.

Free Math, Language Arts and Geography Games [The Innovative Educator]