Saturday, March 14, 2009

The Educational T-Shirt Revolution, Part Two!

Recently I alerted you to a growing crisis in our schools: the oppression of educational t-shirts! Teachers, the freedom to innovate must never be stifled, and we must fight for this freedom where it matters most: on our torsos!

This week, the campaign to fix our nation's education problems continues with another sampling of essential teacher resources, this time from I Want to Teach Forever-approved vendor The Cotton Factory.

Remember: You can make a difference!

Without You, I'm NothingFirst, you can create some true number sense among your students with "Without You I'm Nothing," where a lonely zero tells his loved one, two and three (among others) what he really feels about them. Mr. D owns this very shirt, so you know you can count on it! If all else fails, you can always remind your students about the power of Pi.

The Cotton Factory
makes it easy for Geography and US History teachers as well: they have a 50 states page which contains shirts honoring interesting towns in each state, and even groups them conveniently into 13 colonies or confederate states packs (among others). More importantly,can remind your students exactly who's #1 around your classroom!

For the English Language Arts Department, you can either celebrate grammar champs or, if an intervention is sorely needed, declare yourselves as grammar police. Either way, grammar wins!

Last time, I left out many wonderful departments and courses that make a difference in our students' lives. Luckily, there's a t-shirt out there ready to help you educate on just about any topic:
If we're really going to make headway in changing education for the better, we have to start with the messages we display for all to see. Perhaps your educational t-shirt won't be seen by every student. Yet if it affects even one student, isn't that a shirt worth wearing?

Viva la Cotton Factory! Viva la t-shirts!