Monday, March 30, 2009

52 Teachers, 52 Lessons #11: Trust Yourself

A huge thank you to the anonymous blogger of Teaching Music, who submitted this today and helped us keep this great project going without interuption.

Something I wish I had realized when I started teaching was that I needed to trust my education and training. I entered the profession with great ideas about positive discipline. But the general attitudes of other teachers I worked with seemed to be more traditional. I let that culture pressure me into being more negative, and sometimes into feeling like I should yell at the students (and doing so). Thankfully, I realized that it was ineffective, and not something I was comfortable with. I started implementing my own discipline ideas again. This has been my best year as far as classroom management, allowing me to really love teaching my students. Additionally, the administration has been studying discipline and the whole staff is working on ways to be more positive, something I am experienced in. So, while it is a good idea to ask for ideas and advice from others when you're new, also realize what you may have more current knowledge in and what you're passionate about. Pick and choose what you borrow, instead of just trying to fit in.

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