Saturday, February 14, 2009

The Educational T-Shirt Revolution Will Not Be Televised

In our line of work, we are usually restricted to business, or at the very least business casual, attire. Exceptions are made, but usually only for items emblazoned with school logos, mascots and colors. It's rare that we're allowed to tap into the vast wealth of educational t-shirts on the market today. It's unconscionable!

I for one am willing to stand up against this injustice: Let our teachers educate not only with their lessons and leadership, but their t-shirts as well!

I submit to you just a small sampling of what's out there, organized by department. Just imagine the teachable moments we could have had!

Math Department
Advanced Trig t-shirtPi t-shirt

English Department
Bad Spellers t-shirtCancel My Subscription t-shirt

Science Department
Fungi t-shirtPluto t-shirt

Social Studies Department
New Jersey t-shirtCommunist Russia t-shirt

Explore for yourself at I Want to Teach Forever-approved vendor Noisebot.

100% Cotton-Based Learning is possible!