Thursday, February 28, 2008

Follow-Up: Measurement, Volume, & Surface Area Project

In early February I posted a measurement, volume and surface area project aimed at helping my students master these skills:
  1. Identifying solids and their formulas
  2. Drawing nets
  3. Measuring dimensions
  4. Finding volume and surface area (lateral and total)
  5. Dilating the dimensions by a scale factor (both enlarging and reducing)
  6. Figuring out problems of filling or emptying a solid at a given rate.
Students found this information for two objects and then displayed it on a half size poster board. Here are pictures of the finished products, which are currently on display in the main hall of my high school:

I think they did a great job, and the feedback I've gotten from the students is that they understand the various parts a lot better than before. We'll see how we do come TAKS time! For more information and documentation on this project, see the link below: