Saturday, February 16, 2008

Ten Cheap Lessons: Downloads and Extras!

[Update 9/17/09]

A revised, expanded Ten Cheap Lessons: Second Edition is now available exclusively on! Click here for more information.
Ten Cheap Lessons: Easy, Engaging Ideas for Every Secondary Classroom, is not your ordinary teacher resource book. One of the best advantages of having this website is that I can offer downloads and extras to make the book more valuable. Almost all of the sample lessons plans include supplemental materials, but of course they are much more useful as fully editable documents.


Here are the ten ideas from the book and their accompanying documents. Note that some documents may differ from how they were published as quite a bit of editing was done and conversion between formats.
  1. Idea #1: The Mini-Poster - Independent vs. Dependent Variables poster directions
  2. Idea #2: Using a Word Wall in the Secondary Classroom - Word Wall Project
  3. Idea #3: Card Games - Like Terms directions, score sheet
  4. Idea #4: Finding Jobs in the Real World - Using Math in the Real World project
  5. Idea #5: Use Labs Outside of Science Class - Math Lab
  6. Idea #6: Newspaper Activities - Newspaper Mini-Project, Newspaper Review
  7. Idea #7: Songs and Music - The Domain and Range Song
  8. Idea #8: Students Become the Teachers - Slope-Intercept Study Guide, Slope-Intercept Project, Teacher for a Day project
  9. Idea #9: A Basketball Review Game (That Doesn't Involved Crumpled Paper Thrown in the Wastebasket) - Photo of classroom setup, Sportscraft Monster Basketball Set used for the game
  10. Idea #10: Preparing for the Test Without Teaching to the Test - The supplemental materials you need are your own benchmark and diagnostic tests. For example, I used this idea to have my students fix a benchmark test.
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You can reach me via voicemail at (956) 278-0007.

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