Monday, July 1, 2013

Basics of Quadratic Functions iPad (Tablet) Project

For the last few years, when my students were learning about the graphs of simple quadratic functions (usually ones in the form y = ax2 + c), they would make posters of quadratic equations and label key parts.  As we discussed solving quadratic equations by graphing, students would make posters explaining the process

Last year, I combined these projects using the iPads our students had available:
  1. Create a Keynote presentation or video that shows 2 quadratic equations and their graphs (one that opens up and one that opens down).
  2. Label these parts:
    1. Vertex
    2. Axis of symmetry
    3. Roots/zeros (if any)
    4. Minimum or maximum
  3. Show how to tell if a graph opens up or down just from the equation.
  4. Show how to find the vertex using the calculator.
  5. Show how to find the zeros/roots using the calculator.
As with the adaptable iPad project I shared last week, you could also give students the option of using the fantastic Educreations app.

Essentially this is the same project as those simple posters, but it utilizes the technology we had available in a meaningful way. While I would never want to replace every low or no-tech project I use, it's always important to take advantage of the resources you have.