Friday, August 31, 2012

New Educational Games to Play With Your Kids

Blurble: 300 Nouns in a Box [Wired:GeekDad] - This Kickstarter project was just fully funded, meaning this great educational game idea should become a reality very shortly.

Code Hero and the “Apollo Program for Math” [The Number Warrior] - Another successful Kickstarter project, Code Hero is a game that helps teach kids programming.

Education and Wonder in a Box - Delivered [Wired:GeekDad] - "Wonder Box is a monthly service that sends you a box full of supplies to interact in creative play with your younger children."

Use This App to Teach Your Kids Basic Banking [Mashable!]

If Schools Kill Creativity, Can Toys Bring It Back to Life? - Education - GOOD

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Playmobil Adventure said...

Games and toys certainly don't have to rob kids of their playing alone time. Games and toys have little relevance to healthy child development. A variety of educational games for kids exist, including board games, card games, interactive puzzles and video games. Most kids enjoy the challenge of participating in games, and the process of playing some of the activities may actually make them smarter and more capable.