Friday, March 2, 2012

5 New Apps for Tablets/iPads in the Classroom

Do Students Understand the Material? A New App Helps Teachers Know For Sure [GOOD] - Free and accessible from any computer, including iPads, smartphones, etc. More about this app from Mashable: New App Tells Teachers When Students Are Confused.

10 Apps for Finding Apps [Mashable]

5 Essential Classroom Management Tools for Teachers [Mashable] - A really great list featuring a mix of familiar and not-so-familiar tools.

3 Free iPhone Apps for Creating Your Own Stop-Motion Videos [Mashable] - You should give your students as many tools to create content as possible on tablets and related devices.

5 Free Homework Management Tools for the Digital Student [Mashable]

Obvious side note: If your classroom is full of one-to-one technology, Mashable should be a daily read for you.  They cover new apps and uses of tablets, smartphones, social media, etc perhaps better than anybody.