Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Updated Linear Equation Project Idea

One of the lesson ideas I recently rediscovered was a project I dubbed the "Linear Equation Formula Book".  Student get to prove they can do the types of problems we've been focusing on throughout the unit in a way that doesn't seem like an assessment.

First, the kids create a "book" by folding two pieces of paper together (hamburger style).  On each page, they'll write a title, a formula/steps to follow, and include their own completed example.

On my guide I include completed examples of each page and type of problem we've been focusing on:
  1. Finding slope between two points
  2. Rewriting equations into slope-intercept form
  3. Finding an equation using point-slope form
  4. Graphing from slope-intercept form
  5. Finding x and y-intercepts
  6. Finding the slope of parallel and perpendicular lines
  7. Graphing linear inequalities
My students really had to just worry about using their own example--the title and formula/steps (explained in the way I usually break it down) could be the same.  While some students missed the point and just copied the whole thing verbatim, most did it right (or did so when it was returned to them to fix).

I like this as an effective review (or a fun alternative assessment in and of itself) because students have to demonstrate that they can successfully do each of these types of problem.  Either way, the book can stay with the students as a fun, accessible study guide for future state or end-of-year exams.

Download a PDF of my project directions below.  This is designed to take about two 45-55 minute class periods at most.

Linear Equation Formula Book (new fall 2011 version)

Here's are two alternate versions you can also draw ideas from:

Linear Equation Formula Book (2009 version)
Project Idea: Using Formulas to Find Area, Perimeter and Circumference