Friday, October 8, 2010

Everything I Ever Knew About Teaching I Learned From Twitter

Every link in this week's Five for Friday came from my personal learning network on Twitter (you can find me here).  Recently, I launched a Twitter account for IDEA Public Schools, the charter management organization I work for.  I'm well aware that very few people in the organization (and the wider educator community) understand that it's for far more than checking in on what celebrities had for breakfast.  It is without a doubt the most powerful professional development tool I've accessed since starting this blog in 2007.  If you haven't looked into it, I think you should.

Google's Improved Apps Help Educators [School Library Journal] - Quick and dirty overview of how educators can use recently improved Google Apps to help their students.

Philly Teacher - Awesome teacher blog focusing on technology integration in the classroom.  Just added it to my RSS reader.  You can find the blogger, Mary Beth Hertz, on Twitter.

How to Help Your Child Deal With Big Feelings [My Mommy Manual] - Might I also suggest the Wild Ride to the Heart board game?

10 Ways to Play and Learn with Building blocks [Quirky Momma] - I think you could adapt a lot of these ideas no matter what kind of blocks you're using (from foam/cardboard boxes to Legos and beyond), which is certainly a good thing.

5 Ways to Build a Better Teacher [Developing Education] - Not just for administrators-- mentors and other veterans should take note.