Friday, December 19, 2008

So what exactly am I supposed to do with myself today?

Today I am experiencing something I have never dealt with in my teaching career: a snow day. Of course, I enjoyed many snow days as a student growing up in New Jersey, usually taking full advantage of it by sledding, snowman building or preparing a snowball arsenal.

Before starting here in Boston, I've only taught in south Texas, where it's just a bit more temperate. Today, mere days away from the holiday season, the high in my old home in McAllen is 83 degrees. We did have a rain day once, shutting down schools because massive flooding cut off roads and knocked out power across town. It only snowed once in my five years there, but unless you were born and raised there, to call it anything more than a "light dusting" would be some egregious hyperbole.

I'm at a loss. Usually all of my non-vacation days off consist of severe sickness, necessary mental health days, or professional development. The only thing I could think to do was reach out for some suggestions. Help!