Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Homework to Prep Your Students for Slope

Just before I introduced the slope formula to my students, I wanted them to practice the two most essential skills they needed to use it successfully:
  1. Subtracting positive and negative integers
  2. Simplifying fractions
We spent a significant amount of time on these topics (among others) at the beginning of the year, as I assume most Algebra I teachers are wont to do. In general, the students did very well at this, but they also tend to forget things not long after learning and being tested on them.

So I created this homework assignment for just after we had started finding the slope of a line using the graph, but before using the formula. I know it says "these 2 pages" contain what they need, but I think the second page, which was from a teacher resource workbook wasn't as important as that first page.