Monday, May 19, 2014

New Version of Number Sense Card Game 123 Switch

Aidil, a teacher from Singapore read about the number sense card game 123 Switch! that I shared a few years ago. Like any good teacher, he tried it out with his students and when it didn't work as planned, he adjusted the rules and game play to make it easier.

Adaptation is probably any teacher's most important skill in today's ever-changing education landscape, so I am excited to share Aidil's improved version:
To prepare my students for the game, I had to go through the basic rules:
Ace = 1
J,Q,K = 10
Joker = 0
Spades, Clubs = Black (Positive Numbers)
Diamond, Hearts = Red (Negative Numbers)

Rules for adding the cards:
Add 2 same coloured cards together,
If they are 2 diffferent coloured cards, the resulting card will take on the colour of the larger numbered card and its magnitude will be the difference of the 2 cards.

Explaining the 123 Switch game to my students took quite a while and there was a lot to digest as the combinations were quite overwhelming for them as they had to work out a proper number sentence and then decide if they are to put 1, 2 or 3 cards down.

Because my students couldn't grasp the rules of the games clearly, a few students lost interest in the game.

After the lesson, I decided to see how I could simplify the game and involve more people. So I came up a variation with your game. Here is how it goes.

You can start a game with 6-9 players.
Deal out all the cards with the jokers included.
The player to the dealers left will start. He will put a card down on the first box.

For example:

B3+ ___ = ____

The second player will put a card in the second box, for example,

B3+ R6 = ____

The third player will then see if he has the card to complete the number sentence, which is R3

Then he will then start of the new number sentence by putting down the first cards.

If he does not have R3, he will choose a card from his pile and put it facing down in the third box. The fourth player will then see if he has R3 and so on. The person that completes the  number sentence correctly collects all the cards on the game board and starts off a new number sentence.

The game ends when a player has no more cards left over and the last pile is won by a player. The player with the most cards in hand wins.

The game ends straightaway when a person collects all the Joker cards.

The third card on the game board must be of magnitude 10 or lower.

If for example, it is a player's turn to put the second card when he has only Black cards bigger than 3 on hand, for example B4

B7+ B4 = B11 (there is no B11 card)

Since he can't put down a card to satisfy the condition for the third box, he will put any card facing down in the second box, forfeiting it
Find the original game here:  I Want to Teach Forever: Easy New Number Sense Card Game: 123 Switch!.