Friday, December 13, 2013

Weekend Reader on Bullying

5th Grade Football Team Rallys Around Their 1st Grade Waterboy Who Was Being Bullied [Laughing Squid]

Bruno: Bullying Is Bad, But Do We Know How To Stop It? [This Week In Education]

Want to Squash Bullying? C'mon, Let Kids Play [GOOD]

Is Anonymous Social Media the Answer to Cyberbullying? [Mashable] - The headline of this article is both misleading and preposterous. It's actually a feature/review of a new app called Whisper, which sounds exactly like the scrapped PostSecret app (yet somehow this is never mentioned) in that people anonymously post secrets. In any case, let's think about that headline: social media is getting more personal and less private by the day. If anything, recent trends point to near transparency and the end of privacy as we once defined it. Facebook, Twitter, and other major networks are not going to make a huge left turn towards anonymity. Instead of posing pointless questions like this, let's ask questions that get us closer to real solutions.

Yes, Your School is Watching You - The Takeaway [via The Quick and the Ed] - A debate on monitoring social media as a way to prevent cyberbullying and other online harassment by students.