Sunday, February 24, 2013

Don't Click 'Share' To Save A Copy of My Shared Google Docs

It's good to know many teachers are getting use out of the documents I've shared on Google Drive. I know this because I get an email every time someone clicks Share, because that button is a bit misleading.

When you click Share, Google thinks you want to make a collaborative document, not save a copy to your own Google Drive or hard drive.  If I approved all of these requests, each one of those people would be able to edit the original document I shared however they want, and it would be saved that way for everyone else in the future.

Since I want to preserve my original documents and you want simply to have your own editable copy, you don't want to click Share.  The image above should be pretty clear, but if you're not sure, follow the easy directions I posted last spring:

I Want to Teach Forever: How to Make a Copy of Google Docs I've Shared UPDATE 2/28: Some of my Google Drive settings were messed up and things were not being shared properly. I fixed them this morning and you should be able to access any and all files that I've shared here on the blog.