Friday, September 16, 2011

Weekend Reader on Social Media in the Classroom - Sept 2011

Why Schools Should Learn To Use Online Services Like Facebook & YouTube Rather Than Banning Them [Techdirt]

50 Reasons to Invite Facebook Into Your Classroom [MindShift]

Tiny Bursts of Learning [Betchablog] - On Twitter as a powerful professional learning tool for teachers.

3 Tips for Teachers Using Social Media in the Classroom [Mashable!] - Written for college, but the 3 tips apply across the board.

Common Sense Social Media Policies in Schools: Working with It Instead of Banning It [The 21st Century Principal]


teacherstparty said...

Great links thanks. This is an ongoing challenge and we need all the help we can get.

Alexander said...

Interesting list you made here! Thanks for all the information!

Mr. D said...

Bonus link (also from The 21st Century Principal blog): Social Media Is Here to Stay: Get Out of the Way or Become Roadkill!!.