Friday, September 30, 2011

Weekend Reader on Video Games in Education: Sept 2011

Three Qualities That Make Video Games Better Teachers Than Teachers - EdReach [via Twitter]

Game Design Engages Students in STEM - High School Notes [US News] - A few years ago I got to take part in a robotics workshop at UMass Lowell, and while I never got the chance to follow through, I had no doubts about how much it would engage and excite students. I think any kind of entry level programming, robotics or game design you can get kids involved in will have amazing results in the classroom and in their long term participation in STEM majors/careers.

8 other ways gaming is good for your kids [via Twitter]

Cosmic Log - Gamers solve molecular puzzle that baffled scientists - A couple of years ago I wrote about exposing my students to Foldit, the online game that tapped into human ingenuity for science.  Gamers have just made perhaps their biggest breakthrough through a puzzle that will help the fight against AIDS.

Million Moms March Challenge Launches Educational Alternative to FarmVille [Mashable] - I'm really excited that a group with a lot of visibility is pushing for the development of more educational social games.  In a perfect world, I'd like companies like Zynga to step up and help develop and market these themselves.  They know how to combine social connections with the right game mechanics to make addictive, fun games--why reinvent the wheel?  I wrote more on this idea for the Educational Games Research blog last year.