Sunday, May 15, 2011

New Resource for Deal or No Deal Probability Game

Deal or No Deal card game
Mr. Faris, a reader from the Federated States of Micronesia (shout out to all of my readers around the world!) took my Deal or No Deal probability game and created a spreadsheet that calculates the bankers' offer for you.  In the original card game, the bank offer is based on a randomly drawn card, not on the prize amounts left on the board.  Thus you often get offers that make no sense, which can take away from the game experience.

As he explains: "It calculates the banker's offer for you.  I came up with the formula for the offer by studying data from game shows.  It is very accurate and useful.  One variable I think is used in the real formula which I did not use is whether the expected value has gone up or down since the previous round."  There's also a version of the score cards included as a second worksheet.

Huge thanks to Mr. Faris for sharing this resource!

Download the Deal or No Deal bank offer spreadsheet (via Google Docs)

Original post: Lesson Idea: Probability using Deal or No Deal