Friday, November 26, 2010

Spend Black Friday Watching These Education Videos

Animated Short Sums Up America's Education Problem [GOOD] - Waiting For Superman as summarized by a Taiwanese news program in less than 2 minutes.

An Education Reform Success Story (Video) [edReformer]

Documentary: Fermat's Last Theorem [mental_floss Blog] - The story of the most puzzling math problem ever!

Your Broken Meetings Need a Responsible Parent [Lifehacker] - Make sure somebody is the "parent" in your meetings at work, whether it be you or someone else.

Video: Math Teacher Meltdown [This Week in Education] - In case you somehow missed it, this is what it looks like when a teacher loses it.  It's worth noting that this is what we all look like when we lose our temper, even when we don't completely lose our minds like this guy.