Friday, September 17, 2010

Five New Resources for Teachers from @Lifehacker

Lifehacker has consistently been one of the most useful websites for me in and out of the classroom since I first started reading it.  It's a blog focused on productivity and efficiency--two keys for a long, successful career in education.  You should certainly be reading their site regularly already, but for those who haven't subscribed yet, here's five recent examples of great new resources:

Calculate Your Activity-Specific Calorie Burn with Wolfram Alpha

NumberQuotes Gives Perspective to Your Statistics, Is Great for Presentations

Export All Your Google Docs to a ZIP File - You should always be backing up your work!

Embed PDFs and PowerPoint Files for No-Software Viewing - For your class blog or one you use for sharing resources with your colleagues.

Break Your Cycle of Stress with Guilt-Free Vacations - If you don't feel like you need this already, you will... soon.