Monday, May 3, 2010

Six End of Year Lesson Ideas and Projects

As a practical follow-up to this week's episode of "Mr. D TV", here are six of my best lesson ideas and projects that should keep your kids engaged even with summer vacation this far away.
  1. Math in the Real World Project
  2. Lesson Ideas Using "Practical Money Skills for Life"
  3. How to Turn Jenga Into An Awesome Test Prep Tool
  4. 3 Ideas to Prepare Students for College Placement Exams (for HS juniors and seniors)
  5. Math in the Real World: Erasing Debt Activity 
  6. Using the Newspaper in Algebra I
A couple of these ideas (1 and 6) are part of my first book, Ten Cheap Lessons, which is designed to be just the kind of resource you need this time of year.  It's only $10 for the paperback or $2.50 to download.

If you have similar outside-the-box ideas for the end of the school year, please share them in the comments below!