Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Free Printable Graph Paper, Rulers and More

Those of us in the teaching business never have enough graph paper, rulers, and various types of lined paper. Previously I've spent a lot of time and effort creating my own graph paper, but no more. Here's four excellent resources I learned about via Lifehacker and a growing list of others I've been collecting:
  1. Print Free Graph Paper - Creates a PDF based on your size and format specifications that you can save or print. I'll use this when we start working on linear equations.
  2. Printable Paper - This site has a lot more variety: print a Cornell Notes template, Isometric Graph paper or anything from their teacher resources page!
  3. Graph Paper by Konigi - This site's templates are best suited for drawing; for example art classes could easily use this for storyboards, perspectives or rough drafts.
  4. Printable paper rulers - It's ridiculous how quickly and easily students manage to tag, mangle and/or break rulers. This may be the ultimate solution: accurate paper rulers that you can reuse, recycle or replace easily!
  5. Free Online Graph Paper / Grid Paper PDFs - Fully customizable graph paper (set the size and grid spacing) and tons of other options like number line and notebook-style paper.
  6. Graph Paper for High School Math - This site features good trigonometric graph paper and TI-style graph screens as well as more versions of everything else you could want.

[Last updated 3/29/09]