Thursday, August 14, 2008

Summer PD: Learn Cutting-Edge Educational Jargon

Have you started inservice or professional development at your campus yet? This is the time of year when school districts start setting the agenda for the new school year, championing exciting new concepts that are guaranteed to work better than the exciting new concepts you heard about last year!

Thus, you must be prepared with the kind of educational jargon that will assure you a bright future, perhaps within the district but even more likely as a well-paid educational consultant. Those people are masters of this kind of thing. How can I do this, you wonder? Look no further than the Educational Jargon Creator!

Here are five potential phrases to sprinkle into your conversations these next few weeks:
  1. "This year we must aim to maximize site-based mastery learning..."
  2. "Did we take the time to benchmark technology-enhanced communities before this plan was put into action?"
  3. "What guiding questions are we using to drive peer-based processes this year?"
  4. "I envision cross-curricular initiatives..."
  5. "...they can innovate classroom-based models in a way that we could never before imagine!"
Develop your own at the Educational Jargon Creator.

Thanks to NYC Educator!