Thursday, June 5, 2008

Moving to Boston

Today was not only the last day of school, but my last day of teaching in the Rio Grande Valley.

My girlfriend and I are moving to Boston this weekend. There's a lot to explain, but for now all I'll say is that it is a personal decision that has little to do with the Valley, my school, or my students. It's the beginning of a very exciting and challenging new phase of my life.

I will continue teaching high school math, so expect even more projects, games and engaging activities in the coming school year.

I apologize for the relatively low number of posts in recent weeks. The process of finding a job and a place to live while working through the end of school 2000 miles away has left me with far too little time to myself. Rest assured that once I'm settled in, I'll start sharing all of the neglected ideas I've come up with over the past few months. This summer is going to be great.

Coming soon: End-of-year surveys and candid comments from my students.