Thursday, April 27, 2017

How To Save Shared Google Docs for Editing

It's very humbling to know that even though it's been three years since I shared something new on this blog that many, many educators are still discovering and rediscovering these resources.

I get daily reminders of this in my inbox, in the form of requests for access to various Google Docs I have shared. I respond to each request, but sometimes the requests come from servers that don't allow incoming messages (some school districts still do this), and I also just wanted to post a reminder to save you the trouble of waiting.

When you click "Share" on a Google Doc, you're asking for permission to edit the original document, not for your own copy to edit.

Instead of clicking "Share", you can save or download a copy to edit as you like by going to File > Save a copy or File > Download as. The former saves a copy to your Google Docs, the latter lets you choose the format you like to save it on your hard drive.

Again, thank you to the many educators who continue to find useful things among these many years of ideas and resources. I'm glad to be able to contribute something to this noble profession despite no longer being in the classroom.

Best of luck with the rest of your school year!