Friday, August 23, 2013

Essential Back to School Reading 2013

6 Best Back-to-School Tablets [Mashable] - I have a 7 inch Samsung Galaxy tablet, and it's pretty good. I figure you might need to type a lot for school though, so I'd recommend a case that has a keyboard like the one I'm planning on getting.

6 Practices for Creating a 21st Century Engaging Classroom [The 21st Century Principal] - Some ideas to frame your back-to-school planning this year.

Who Was Your Favorite Teacher and Why? [Lifehacker] - A good exercise to do before school starts again--how can you be more like that favorite teacher this school year? What's the one thing you can apply to your own practice?

Why Didn't I Think of This [Math Tales from the Spring] - A simple idea to make formula charts (or conversion tables, or any other needed reference material) easily accessible for students with Interactive Notebooks.

6 Back-to-School Items You Should Always Shop for at the Thrift Store [Wise Bread] - This one is aimed mainly at parents, but the lessons carry over for teachers.