Friday, January 25, 2013

More Free Online Courses For You & Your Students


Drop In! Top Schools From Berkeley to Yale Now Offer Free Online Courses [Mashable!]

Stanford Offers Free Game Theory Course [Wired:GeekDad]

Thanks to This Free Class, Every Educator Can Learn Design Thinking [GOOD]

Top UK universities launch free online courses [The Guardian]

Hack Design Delivers Design Lessons to Your Inbox Each Week [Lifehacker]


Anne said...

I have learned more about free online courses from test drive college website the past days as well.

A Cans said...

Another advantage you can like is a schedule that works for you personally. Classic campus classes feature a set schedule which may not work for just anyone nowadays. Online colleges enable you to study when you need. This is good for people that have steady jobs and a home life to juggle.

Frank Pottinger said...

The Online courses, like online education is not getting more and more attention. It provides not just a ready source of information and modules for teachers and students, but as a system of formal learning for those who seriously wants to earn a degree yet don't have the means to go to the actual school.