Friday, January 4, 2013

Ideas For Getting Your Students to Write More

Get them blogging: Blogging 2 Learn - Point your students at this site to help them get started with their own blog. The book below was written about a 9 year old student who started blogging about her school's poor food choices, a great example of the power of this medium.

Start a penpal project: Penpal Exchange Helps Students Squash Red-Blue State Divisions [GOOD] - This is even more engaging and easy if you integrate it with Skype in the Classroom as noted below.

Connect with inspiration across the planet: 'Skype in the Classroom' Connects Kids to NASA and Global Experts [GOOD]

Provide the optimal atmosphere:  Coffee Shop Buzz Is Good For Your Creativity and Why Distractions Can Actually Be Good for Creative Thinking [Lifehacker] - How can you recreate the ambient noise and occasional distractions needed for creativity without letting your classroom descend into chaos?

Use hip-hop and other music: Taking back the mic: Hip-hop as a STEM learning tool [The Root DC Live / WaPo]

BONUS: You could try a six word story, something I wrote about in A Lifetime in Six Words? Possible.