Friday, November 2, 2012

A Brief Collection of Critical Topics Missing From Most Curricula

Creative Thinking: What Does Teaching Creativity Look Like? [GOOD]

Entrepreneurship: Why Students Should Gain Entrepreneurship Experience Before Graduating [TechCrunch] - This article is focused on college students, but the lesson is true for middle and high school students as well.

Web (media) literacy: Why Web Literacy Should Be Part of Every Education [Fast Company: Co.Exist] - See also 12 Things Students Should Never Do on Social Media from Mashable.

Coding: Want to Teach Kids to Code? Send 'Em to a 'Hack Jam' [GOOD] - Learning to code is not just for engineers or computer scientists anymore, as an increasingly wider range of career opportunities for people with coding skills has been building up for years. That's before you consider how much coding can help you with problem solving, logic and creative thinking.

Independence, tolerance and a few more: 9 Essential Skills Kids Should Learn []