Friday, October 26, 2012

Weekend Reader on Khan Academy

I have some pretty strong opinions on this topic, but I'm going to save that for another time. Instead, I want you to be aware of the ongoing debate about Khan Academy and its place in education.

Wrath At Khan? What Should Teachers Expect From Khan Academy? [Eduwonk] - Read the comments for more insight into the debate over this new resource.

My thoughts on tech & education [The Game Theorist] - On KA and more.

Video: Khan Lessons Merely Adequate, Says Rubenstein [This Week In Education] - This guy misses the point (like he does on most issues) but not all of his criticism are unfounded.

'Mystery Teacher Theater 2000' Contest Calls for Critiques of Khan Academy Videos [GOOD] - I get why the professors involved started the contest, but really, there isn't anything in education more worth criticism like this?  Here's another article about MTT2K: Critiquing Khan Academy: Teacher Theater and the Power of Satire.

YouTube's Looking for the Next Education Superstar [GOOD] - Beyond KA?

Is Khan Academy a real ‘education solution’? [WaPo - The Answer Sheet] - Another reviewer who misses the point, but that's pretty much the rule when it comes to Valerie Strauss.