Friday, July 6, 2012

5 Cutting Edge iPad Apps for Creative Thinking & Learning

3D Printing App: Copy Objects Right From Your iPad [Mashable] - A free app from the makers of Autodesk, 123D Catch allows you to turn a series of iPad pictures of an object, shot at multiple angles, into a 3D model you could then have printed.

Verde for iPad Suggests Simple Changes You Can Make to Save Money and Energy [Lifehacker] - This could become part of real-world science and math project where students would figure out how to cut the electric bill at home (as well as consider the environmental impact).

Learn to Program With Move the Turtle [Wired:GeekDad] This app reminds me of the Logo programming language I first learned back in high school.

iPad App Combines Your Child’s Artwork and Voice [Mashable] - Educreations is an alternate, free option that doesn't have much in the way of colors but has the same basic functionality.

Can Apps Transform Learning into Games? [Game Theorist] - A review of several educational apps that feel like games where you learn something without even knowing it.