Monday, January 23, 2012

3 Fun Online Games For Reviewing Slope and Linear Equations

We've been reviewing finding slope on a graph, using the slope-formula, and writing equations depending on the given information (two points, slope and a point, just the graph) the past two weeks.  These three fun flash games were successful in keeping my students' attention for a full 50 minute period, which doesn't happen frequently.

Algebra vs. The Cockroaches - Cockroaches walk back and forth along a linear path, and you must fill in the slope, y-intercept or both to draw a line to kill them.  It starts with vertical and horizontal lines, then direct variations, then slope and y-intercept together as the levels progress.

Slope-Intercept Game - Students answer questions about the slope of an equation that's not in slope-intercept form, finding the slope of a line between two points, etc. If they get it right, they get to shoot a basketball with a character they customize at the beginning of the game.

Linear Equations Game - The game is called "Save The Zogs" and it works pretty much like Algebra vs. the Cockroaches: find the line where most of the "zogs" are aligned, then write the equation that will "save" them. It starts off pretty easy but gets challenging quickly.

I challenged students to reach certain levels on each game, but they were into them without the goals.  In the Slope-Intercept basketball game, students would play the entire round over again because they wanted to get the answers correct and get more chances to shoot a basket.

If you've found fun, engaging online games for middle or high school math, please share them in the comments.