Friday, December 2, 2011

Weekend Reader on Lego in Education

Students Combine STEM and Storytelling to Power Green LEGO City [GOOD] - Featuring adorable music video by the school's choir.

Our Adventures With Robotics: The Lego Mindstorm Kit [Wired: GeekMom]

Lego’s Life of George Takes Building to the Smartphone [Wired: GeekDad] - This awesome augmented reality app utilizes Legos and smartphones to challenge young kids to use their spatial reasoning skills (among others). Architecture Home - Lego has created a series of detailed, rich models of actual architecture. These sets will give block-loving children a real world connection to STEM (not to mention history).

The LEGO Ideas Book - Great book to inspire older students or those up to a challenge!

BONUS: For more on Legos (among other topics), read August's Weekend Reader on Robotics in Education. I also included Legos on my list of Toys & Games Every Kid Should Play With Growing Up.