Friday, October 21, 2011

5 More Seth Godin Ideas Every Educator Should Read

This past summer I shared 5 Seth Godin Ideas Every Educator Should Read, but I knew I'd have more of his wisdom to share in short order.  Here you go:

The warning signs of defending the status quo - You won't hear me arguing to change for the sake of change, but these are things to consider when there's uncomfortable changes on the horizon.

Back to (the wrong) school - Echoing Sir Ken Robinson, Godin points out that we're preparing students for an economy (and world) that no longer exists.

Confusing obedience with self-control - I'm having trouble thinking of examples of how we don't do this in most schools.

The facts - Applied to teaching: you need more than facts (you'll fail if you don't complete this, you'll get in trouble if you do that) to convince your students of anything.

Yelling and whispering -"Yelling... is a waste of time, regardless of how urgent the issue is."