Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Join the Circle of Respect to Fight Teen Bullying

Trying to find ways to impact the problem of teen bullying?  Here's a new program that can help:
When we reach for the remote control and turn on any news station it seems as if there is one headline we cannot escape: Horror stories of teen bullying seem to be occurring all too often. As an educator you know the importance of teaching and protecting your students from such abuse. I am contacting you on behalf of The Circle of Respect, the National Crime Prevention Council’s (NCPC) latest campaign to protect youth from bullying and cyberbullying. The campaign teaches that such behavior is unacceptable through a positive message that encourages respect and consideration for others.

Did you know 160,000 kids miss school every day out of fear of being bullied? The recent cases of young people who have tragically ended their lives because they were so badly bullied are a painful example that there is a serious problem in America today. There is no better time than the present to start changing these statistics…and we can do so through education!

Do you want to become more active in The Circle of Respect? Here are some ways you can do so:

- Circle of Respect Book Club: Take part in the online Book Club to generate a guided national discussion about this issue. The Book Club will feature one book each month on the Circle of Respect’s website by a noted author in the field of bullying and cyberbullying. Each author will also lead an in-depth discussion via a downloadable podcast.

- Sign up for Email Alerts: Sign up for email alerts to get updates on the campaign, find out how you can be involved, get sneak previews of what's happening next, and even enter contests.

- Make Your Pledge: What actions will you pledge to take in order to spread awareness and widen the Circle of Respect? Let us know.

- View Pledges: Sign up for your own free account on The Circle of Respect to see what others are doing to help.

- Take Awareness Video Viral: NCPC and Saatchi & Saatchi unveiled an animated short starring everyone’s favorite crime dog, McGruff®,  to teach a whole new generation of children how to “Take A Bite Out of Crime."

- Simply spread the word: It’s as easy as it sounds. Share the campaign online via your social networks and also talk openly with your children, grandchildren, nieces, nephews, and/or peers.

- Join us on Facebook: Become a fan today and share your ideas and stories with the community. Visit: www.facebook.com/pages/Circle-of-Respect/175965669110936.  
For more information, visit http://www.circleofrespect.org.