Friday, June 4, 2010

Teacher Security Quiz, Top Teacher Blogs & More

Information & Resources for Motivating Students - Good starting point for anyone looking for new and better ideas on motivating students.

Teacher Security Quiz - Do you know how important teachers are to school security?  Do you know what the best practices are for you to help keep your school safe?  Take this quiz to find out!

Top 20 Teacher Blogs - There's a lot of familiar blogs on this list, but quite a few I hadn't heard of before this list.

May 25th Carnival of Homeschooling [Bugs, Knights, and Turkeys in the Yard] - Seriously, how can you not at least visit a blog with a name like that?  Non-homeschoolers: remember that there's much to be learned from all the education going on in the world that doesn't take place in a traditional classroom.  I hope you'll give this carnival (and homeschool sites in general) a try.

Call for Guest Bloggers [So You Want to Teach?] - Joel is looking for first-year teachers specifically, but has left it open for anyone.  This is a high-traffic edublog that you can really get your name out there on.