Friday, June 25, 2010

The Math of Tipping, Tech Hurdles in Schools & More

How To Demoralize A Creative Teacher in One Bureaucratic Step [Inner Education for Inward Educators] - They tell us to use more technology, but only the kinds they like and invest tons of money in (regardless of effectiveness).

15 Additional Practices for Bad Professional Development in Technology [The Innovative Educator] - Spoiler alert: most of them are worst practices for any PD workshop!

WhiteyBoard Stick-Ons Turn Walls into Whiteboards [Lifehacker]

Do You Practice Math When You Leave a Tip? [Wise Bread] - I usually calculate 20% by finding 10% (moving the decimal point one digit to the left), then doubling it.  In fact, I've used that as a first day of school lesson.  But I will usually round the 20% up to the nearest dollar, especially at places I like where the employees rely on tips.

Teachable Moments: The Physics of Bowling [Wired: GeekDad] - Because it's never too early to start learning physics.