Friday, April 30, 2010

Weekly Reader Reboot, New Community College Blog & More

Weekly Reader Gets a Reboot! - The enduring children's magazine (I loved reading them in elementary school myself) has launched a new website as part of a sweeping effort to bring it into the digital age and meet the needs of teachers and students.  There are now digital editions of WR as well as a web-based reading comprehension program in addition to a slick redesign of the traditional magazines.  Here's a snazzy Flash video about the change.

New Blog Launched: Community College Spotlight - Written by Joanne Jacobs, the blog will focus on what President Obama has called "an essential part of our recovery in the present and our prosperity in the future."  Ms. Jacobs always knows how to find the most interesting stories, so CCS is definitely worth checking out.

Accepting limits [Seth Godin's Blog] - "Just because it's difficult to grade doesn't mean it shouldn't be taught."  Amen.

Infographic: Texas' New Textbooks - The Onion skewers the recent actions of the Texas Board of Education.

Textbooks Going Green [Betty's Blog: Timely Teacher Talk] - Tips on recycling and other things to do with old textbooks.