Friday, April 9, 2010

Honest Abe, Math Madness, and Frankie Was Right

High school teacher turns March Madness into 'Math Madness' - Read how Bay Area teacher Sol Henik engaged his students with some friendly competition that incorporated the excitement surrounding last month's NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament.  This is the kind of creative thinking that I wish every teacher (math or otherwise) would employ!

100 Best Blogs for the Classroom Teacher - I'm humbled to be included on this list, which is a great starting point for teachers looking to expand their personal learning network.  I would encourage you to look at blogs outside of your subject or grade level, because you're bound to find inspiration and ideas that you never would by keeping a narrow focus.

Relaxed Minds Remember Better [Lifehacker] - Maybe this is why Frankie says relax.

Support the Creation the Martin Luther King, Jr. National Memorial in Washington, D.C. - A new memorial for MLK is on pace to open on the National Mall in fall 2011, but there's still a bit of fundraising to be done.  This site contains various ways to support the cause, including videos, stories, banners and news to share with all of your social networks.

Lincoln. [Look at my happy rainbow!] - I consider Mr. Halpey one of my favorite teachers, event though he never had me as a student.  If you don't subscribe to his blog, you're seriously missing out.