Friday, April 16, 2010

Cookbook Math, Great Board Game & PSA Project Idea

Math for America deadlines approaching [Math Be Brave] - Jesse sends out a reminder about two of the important program's fellowships for teachers in five regions across the country.

Fun, Spatial Thinking for the Entire Family [Wired: GeekDad] - A review of the game Blokus and its educational qualities.

PSA Project Idea [Math Teacher Mambo] - Longtime readers know I love projects, and this is one that I wish I had come up with first!  Students create a public service announcement for something you always or never want to do in math. 

Ratio: A Cookbook Review [Wise Bread] - I know what you're thinking: Mr. D, why are you linking to a cookbook review?  As you might have guessed by the book's title, Ratio focuses on making your own variations on all types of food based around ratios of different ingredients that work together.  Sounds like a recipe for a fun math lesson!  (Insert laughter/groans here.)

Innovative Ways to Engage Learners with Cell Phones Using Research-Based Strategies [The Innovative Educator] - A great compliment to the smartphone article I discussed earlier this week.