Friday, February 26, 2010

Alexander Hamilton Rap, Free Retro Games & More [Five for Friday]

  1. RemainInPlay Offers 20 Years of Free Retro Games [Lifehacker] - A little weekend diversion for everyone who's snowed in (or just hanging around at home).
  2. People bored by board games?  Board games better than computer games? [Digital Play] - Graham Stanley explains why both board and video games are more popular and beneficial for our kids than ever.
  3. Teaching Your Kids To Be Programmers [Wired: GeekDad] - Playing around on BASIC when I was a kid was one of my first computer experiences, and set me up for success using all kinds of programming languages.  It also forces you to think logically and mathematically (recursion, inequalities, solving expressions, infinite growth, matrices, etc).
  4. Alexander Hamilton, Now in Rap Form [mental_floss Blog] - This is sure to liven up your U.S. history classes!
  5. The Effect of Providence [The Pipeline] - In depth look at The Providence Effect, a controversial documentary about a school turnaround in Chicago.