Friday, January 22, 2010

Useless Subs, Heartbreaking Student Revelations and More [Five for Friday]

  1. Sub Woes [Math Tales from the Spring] - Mrs. H explains the not so surprising reasons that most of us hate taking days off!
  2. I cried 4 times today [Sup Teach?] - Krizia reveals how a unit on overcoming adversity opened the proverbial flood gates for both her and her students.
  3. Educational Games Fun for Teens and Parents [Connect With Your Teens through Pop Culture and Technology]
  4. You Can Be a Change Leader [TLN Teacher Voices] - A book recommendation for teachers and administrators eager to create lasting positive changes in their school.
  5. Shouldering the Burden [ms_teacher] - Why are teachers the ones who always have to make more and more sacrifices when there's budget cuts?


Mrs. H said...

Thanks for linking to my post. I received 4 new comments this weekend from new readers!

ms-teacher said...

Thanks for the mention. The California Department of Education released average salaries for all the school districts in the state. My district rates as one of the lowest in the state and we are the lowest in my county.

Over the past five years, the other districts in our county gave their teachers on average a 10% increase in pay. My school district? We received a measly 4%, which does not take into account the increase that we pay for health benefits.

I strongly believe that the teachers in my district have already shouldered much of the burden and we are still wrangling to get a contract settled that expired in June 2008!