Friday, September 25, 2009

Five for Friday

  1. The Teacher Salary Project - Very interesting documentary project based on the Dave Eggers book Teachers Have It Easy. They're collecting stories submitted by teachers themselves, so you could be in pictures!! Check it out.
  2. 100 Free and Useful Websites for AP Students and Teachers
  3. The Unofficial Toolkit for Teachers [@Whiteboard Witch] - Following up on the standard and secret toolkits I shared recently, the good Witch shares an equally useful list!
  4. "I want to say a word about hope here." [@Math Be Brave] - Awesome inspirational post you should bookmark and maybe print out and hang on the wall by Jesse, a teacher in Brooklyn, NY. If you're feeling beaten down after a month or so in the classroom, this might be exactly what you need to keep going.
  5. There goes another 35 minutes... [@A Few Degrees Short of a Right Angle] - This teacher's school has a sort-of advisory/homeroom that only meets every 2 weeks or so (during her planning time, no less). She views it as wasted time, but I think you can turn that situation into something positive. Go read the post and leave a comment there with your suggestions!
By the way, if you're an RSS addict like me, you should definitely subscribe to the blogs in the last 3 links.