Friday, July 10, 2009

Five for Friday: Koyaanisqatsi Edition

I'm still in post-school year limbo. I've been completely restless and anxious for my first two weeks of summer. As I told my former colleagues in Boston, I have never had that sense of relief or excitement at the end of the school year. My mind knows what's going on, but my heart isn't ready to accept it yet. I like to believe it's a gradual, almost invisible process, but I fear that it's so invisible that it's not actually happening.

My cross-country move and subsequent search for work, housing and transportation certainly didn't make this annual ritual any easier. I actually settled all three of those issues as of yesterday, but as I said, my heart refuses to let go of whatever it is that's keeping me from winding down.

In other words, these are my excuses for not posting since Monday and why this will be the last post until next Monday's new 52 Teachers, 52 Lessons entry. This week's links are all about finding your own peace of mind and making the most of your summer:
  1. Cure Rotting Summer Brain Drain Syndrome [@ Wired: GeekDad] - While I may be in denial about summer, the other end of the spectrum is indulging in summer a little too much!
  2. Homegrown Evolution [via Consumerist] - Find yourself a back-to-basics DIY project on this blog, by the authors of The Urban Homestead.
  3. 10 Resources for Finding Free and Cheap Things To Do This Summer [@ The Simple Dollar] - For you and your family!
  4. Voyij [via Lifehacker] - This new travel search engine finds deals when you have a flexible schedule--perfect for these next 2 months!
  5. All the Advice on Happiness You'll Ever Need in One Post [@ zenhabits] - Find the advice you need and apply it!!
Share your thoughts on these links or your own must-share resources in the comments.