Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Another Sample Student Survey

Getting constructive feedback from your students is essential to your growth and improvement in the classroom. I'm constantly trying to write new student feedback surveys to get them to open up and give me their unique perspective into how things are going.

The school year at my current school is broken into quarters, the first of which ended last week. As I usually do, I asked students to fill out a short survey after their exams. I based this on a college professor's end of course survey that asked the kind of simple, straightforward questions I wanted the answers to.

Unfortunately I didn't get a lot out of the results this time around. I'm convinced things aren't going very well, but I got a lot of responses that suggested I not change anything and that things were fine. I also had a very low response rate. In the end I'm still wondering what it is I'm doing wrong because to be honest, it's been an incredibly difficult year so far. I'm hard pressed to identify a more challenging year in my short career, which is saying something.